feeling very devious rn../j

uhh personal info ?? :sob:

errmmm umm uh.,

i go by kyu/sylv/cyren/ethan + whatever the fuck you wanna call me :skull:

i am a minor, and i do not share my age online.

please talk to me about pokemon, stardew valley, marine biology or entomology PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE

ermm it/its prns pls, she/her works too just not as frequent. pls dont refer to me as they/them or he/him :sob:

im somewhat unlabeled with my identity, but if i had to go with any labels i would identify as a gay, transgender male.

yes i identify as a male and use it/she!!! you cant catch me im the genderbread man!!!/j



haha idk what to put here umm

cough cough couugh wheeze dies/j uhh hi. im autistic, and i have BPD thats all im gonna say abt that


just read this for now

um im working on this yall i swear. || 3/30/2024


updates are coming in super slow (i forgor about the whole thing) but im working on it i swearrr :3